SensUs Organization

SensUs is the annual international student competition on sensors for health, that is organized for students by students. In this track you will organize the SensUs competition. You are completely free in how you organize this large international event and how you approach all steps and activities that come across during the year. You are stimulated to take initiative and define your personal learning goals. Organizing SensUs gives you the chance to grow, both as a professional and as an individual. It is an unforgettable experience to achieve this by intensively working together with a group of very motivated students!

The SensUs Organization honors track

The current organization consists of four subgroups: Technology, Events, External Relations and Media; supported by a chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary. The organization is multidisciplinary, since there are many different aspects in organizing an international competition. You are stimulated to take initiative and let your creativity flow. 

Due to the large variety of projects in organizing SensUs we need students from all faculties. Every student has different motivations to join the SensUs organization, resulting in different personal learning goals. Examples of learning goals could be:

- How to organize an international competition with high professional
- Being creative and innovative, using structured and transparent approaches
- Taking initiative, assuming responsibility, being critical and working together
- Applying modern media and designs to reach out to a world-wide audience
- Designing and building web-based IT systems for live reporting and
  live interaction with people around the world
- Involving companies, healthcare organizations and patients
- Communicating with international student teams
- Analyzing biomaterials and developing biosensor testing schemes
- Developing and spreading the SensUs vision to strive for better healthcare

You can decide yourself which challenges you would like to tackle during this honors track. The whole track is an unforgettable experience in which you will make it all come together in a smashing contest weekend in September 2018 and September 2019!

What is SensUs?

SensUs is the annual international student competition in the field of molecular bio sensing. Student teams from universities all around the world are challenged to design and build their own biosensor within an impressively short period of time of only 9 months. In SensUs 2018 leading universities (e.g. Imperial College London (United Kingdom), Zhejiang University (China), KU Leuven (Belgium), North Carolina State University (USA)) from 4 continents will participate in the competition. In September all teams come to Eindhoven to demonstrate their prototypes and compete against other student teams for several awards.

Take a look at our movie (see the right column) to get an idea of what the competition looks like!

The vision of SensUs is that real-time sensing devices will change healthcare in the 21st century, for the best possible diagnosing, monitoring, coaching and treatment of people. Biosensors will become smaller, faster, more precise, more integrated, more specific, more sensitive, etc.

The aim of the competition is to stimulate education and innovation in bio sensing on a worldwide scale. We stimulate innovation by creating and developing a platform for open innovation in a community of companies, experts, patients, students and other stakeholders. We stimulate education by offering a highly innovative form of education geared toward multidisciplinary, goal-oriented, learning-by-doing engineering.

You can become part of this by joining the SensUs organization!

More information about SensUs can be found on our website: .

If you are interested in joining the SensUs organization, we invite you to participate in the following introduction activities:

●        Information lunch, March 20
●        Exploratory workshop, March 22

Note: Please send your application letter to the track guide, prof. Menno Prins ( no later than 28th March 2018.