Completion of the honors program

The ambitious goals you have defined in your Personal Development Plan (PDP) will be leading in your honors assessment. For the activities of the professional development component you will be assessed by the expert(s) involved. You need to demonstrate that you have achieved excellent results in your chosen focus and engineering discipline. If this is the case, you will receive the corresponding number of credits and the assessment results will be mentioned on your diploma supplement. 

In order to complete the personal leadership part you need to submit a portfolio with respect to personal leadership, and in which you reflect on your envisioned and actual development. 'Evidence' should include 360-degree feedback. If the assessment outcome is positive you will receive the corresponding five credits and the result will be mentioned on your diploma supplement.

If you have fulfilled both requirements - so for the professional development part and the personal leadership part - you wil receive a certificate that mentions that you are a 'TU/e graduate honors student' and you will receive a letter of recommendation.