Health related projects

Health-related projects

Health is an important theme at the TU/e. The Strategic Area Health has several interesting projects in the Health domain, for example:

  • Develop a proposal for the TU/e which activities should be started in the domain of Food for Health (should Food become a part of Health and, if so, how?)
  • In the Research project with Philips a lot of development is ongoing on image recognition for monitoring of sleep and monitoring of exercise. To what extent could these or similar technologies also be applied to monitoring disabled people in ‘Het Dorp’ (The Village), so inhabitants can live safely on their own?
  • New technologies  need a business plan before they can move into a startup phase. Various ideas are on the shelf right now. 
  • Analysis of workflow of robot assisted microsurgery procedure and developing of concepts for User Interface.

Who is interested in taking up one of these challenges or wants to discuss their own ideas for a Health-related project?

Please get in touch with Carmen van Vilsteren, Director of the Strategic Area Health,