Federations and associations

The various associations are clustered in a number of federations. There are seven federations: ESSF, FSE, Compositum, Scala, the international association, a career federation and an ideological/faith-based federation.

Basically, ESSF represents the sports associations, FSE the study program-related associations, Compositum the student social clubs and Scala the cultural associations. 

Appendix 2 of the Student Financial Support (Profileringsfonds) Regulations states which associations in the above-mentioned federations are eligible for administrative grants.

Role of the federation in awarding committee officer grants

The amount available each year for administrative grants is expressed in a number of administrative grant months.

A certain number of months are available to each federation. The federations distribute these months among their associations after consulting with these associations.

The federations then notify ESA of the distribution of the months so that ESA can take this into account when individual applications for an administrative grant are submitted.