Amount of support

Determining the amount of support

If you get behind in your studies during the academic year, the student counselor will assess your application to decide whether the extenuating circumstances and ensuing delay can be recognized as such. The duration of delay caused by exceptional circumstances is expressed in terms of recognized months. The following aspects are taken into account when determining the number of recognized months: the duration of the exceptional circumstances, the actual delay in relation to the program schedule, and the time needed to make up for the delay. You will only be given student financial support for recognized months of delay.

The number of recognized months you are due is assessed individually. However, there are maximum periods for:

  • Pregnancy: four months
  • Membership of Program Committee/Department Council/University Council: one month per academic year.
  • Top-level sport: 12 months for the total period of enrollment at TU/e.
  • Administrative grant: nine months per academic year, with a maximum of 14 months for the total period of enrollment at TU/e.

Level of support

One recognized month is equal to € 426,87 (2019-2020 academic year) for students entitled to an administrative grant. All other students are entitled to € 299,72. This amount can be supplemented with 69% of the supplementary grant (DUO) to which you may be entitled. See also: Student Financial Support (Profileringsfonds) Regulations 2019-2020.

Student financial support (Higher Education and Scientific Research Act - WHW - 7.51) is tax-exempt. It is viewed as a gift and does not need to be declared as income to the tax authorities.


If you do not agree with the student counselor´s provisional decision to reject your application, you have two weeks to respond before the final decision is made. If you do not respond within this period, the decision will be finalized. If you do not agree with the final decision, you can file an objection with the Executive Board within six weeks of the date of the decision. You can file your objection online, using the digital complaints form on the website: