The TU/e Planapp is an ideal application to provide insights into your personal study choices. The TU/e Planapp makes it easy to see which choices must and can be made within your Bachelor’s program. The Planapp automatically shows which subjects can be chosen (based on your timetable). The Planapp provides information about which subjects are part of a USE or Elective package. Additionally, the Planapp provides more detailed information about a subject (ECTS, content, or learning goals). The chosen subjects can be dragged and dropped onto the desired place in the timetable.


  1. Start by picking your major (via “options” and “change major”).
  2. To check which USE/Elective package is linked to a certain subject, a subject has to be selected. Then, the tab “planning” must be clicked to show which USE/Elective packages contains that specific subject.
  3. After picking the subjects, the validity of your selection can be checked concerning the presence of a major and basic subject, checked for 180 ECTS, checked for presence and completeness of a USE package and the presence of coherent elective packages. Use the validate option via “Options” -> “Validate timetable”.

For questions or remarks about the Planapp or possible subject combinations, please contact