As a TU/e student, you will need to make use of a clicker for many of your Bachelor’s courses. The Clicker is available trough loan at the Notebook Service Center. To loan the Clicker a loan agreement has to be signed, available at the Notebook Service Center or trough this site (see 'Loan Agreement')


The clicker allows you to provide a digital response to questions asked by your teacher during a lecture, so that he/she can test whether you have properly understood the lecture’s content.

In addition, it offers the opportunity to work interactively and as a class on assignments in which you receive immediate feedback on your work.

The clicker can also used to digitally administer interim tests so that your grade is known quickly after the test. In sum, the clicker is essential in your study program.

Clicker on loan

The Clicker can be used on a loan, by signing the loan agreedment as found on this site or at the Notebook Service Centre.


The clicker will be connected to your student ID at the Notebook Service Centrum. This means that you cannot use someone elses' clicker to pass exams.

Get your personal clicker in time. It takes at least one day to prepare your clicker before you can use it.