Frequently Asked Questions

Did I loan my clicker?

From 2015 onwards the TU/e has made Clickers available for students free of charge. These Clickers were loaned from the TU/e and have to be handed in. If students decide to keep the Clicker, a fee of €60,- will be charged.

I received the Clicker in my notebook bag.

You have the Clicker on loan, and it needs to be returned.

Authorization Clicker

When you signed the loan agreement, you also signed a power of attorney by which you gave the TU/e permission to collect the fine for not handing in the Clicker.

I am abroad on the mentioned dates

If you are unable to hand in your Clicker on the mentioned dates because you are abroad for your studies, you can hand in your clicker at a later date. The deadline will be august 1st. If this is also not possible, please contact to get permission to hand in your Clicker at a later date.

I have already handed in my Clicker

You may have received the mail by accident, and can consider it as not have been sent. During the project we will re-evaluate all the Clickers and make sure you will not get a reminder.

What is the alternative to Clickers?

No new tool will be introduced that will replace the Clicker one-to-one. However, we do offer a diverse range of tools for stimulating interaction during lectures and for interim assessments during lectures. One of the substitutes is Mentimeter, a new tool that invites you to easily and actively participate in presentations or lectures. The advantage is that you don't have to buy or take anything with you, all you need is an internet connection.

Will I have to buy a new tool?


I have purchaced my Clicker, Do I need to hand it in?

No you do not have to hand it in, but you are allowed to if you feel like giving your Clicker deserves to be reused in a good way.

I cannot hand in my Clicker at the mentioned times or dates.

You can use the hand-in box for handing in your Clicker. This will be available at the IMS Services/Student in the MetaForum building.

Can I hand in my Clicker at an earlier date?

Only if you graduate or if you terminate your enrollment before the hand-in date.

My Clicker dows not work anymore/is damaged

We will try and find a good use for damaged Clcikers, or dispose of them in a responsible manner.

I have additional questions or remarks

Please contact Education and Student Affairs: