Notebook Regulation

A university is expected to be innovative - innovative in the area of research as well as in the area of education.

The TU/e has ensured this by giving students access to proper IT facilities. Students at the TU/e are required to have a notebook during the course of their studies at the TU/e. In order to support this, the notebook regulation was created. Students can also use a private notebook. The requirements for private notebook use can be read here.

The aim of the notebook regulation is to optimize the use of IT in education. The education setup is now totally adjusted to the use of notebooks. The notebook is used for communicating with others, gathering information, making calculations and drawings, executing simulations and taking examinations. In other words, it is an indispensable instrument at the TU/e.

  • Every first-year Bachelorstudent with a main enrollment at the TU/e can buy a notebook within the notebook regulation, at a heavily subsidized price.
  • Approximately 90% of our students participate in the TU/e notebook regulation.
  • Pre-Master & Master students can participate in the Notebook Reduction program.
  • The notebook is selected every year by a team of specialists. The criteria are: general performance, graphic performance, mechanical performance, and price.
  • The notebook is supplied in a fully assembled state, including installed software.
  • The notebook comes with a set of accessories: backpack, mouse, security cable and network cable.
  • In accordance with the notebook regulation, anyone who buys a notebook is entitled to four years of maintenance and warranty.
  • If you, as a student, have problems with your notebook, IMS Services Student is at your service every working day to solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved immediately, you will receive a temporary replacement system.
  • As a participant in the notebook regulation, you may make use of the collective notebook insurance, which the TU/e has taken out with the IAK insurance company.
  • All notebooks ordered by students are distributed at the start of the academic year.
  • In the case of a course termination, notebooks can be sold back to the TU/e. A very favorable sales regulation will apply.
  • The notebook regulation is a one-time offer for Bachelorstudents with a first-time main enrollment at the TU/e.

The abovementioned points only apply when you participate in the notebook regulation. If you decide not to buy a notebook through this regulation, you cannot use the aforementioned facilities for hardware support. IMS Services can support with any TU/e software related issues.

Requirements for Private Notebook use

In case you do not wish to participate in the TU/e notebook programme and prefer to use your own notebook, please read about the requirements for private notebook use.