Notebook Configuration

One type of notebook is selected every year. Aspects that are viewed during the selection are: general performance, graphic performance, mechanical performance and price. The aim of this elaborate selection is to select a notebook that is the optimal choice for course use. The purchased notebook is identical for students of all the TU/e courses and has been approved for the toughest courses.

For year 2019-2020 the Lenovo Thinkpad P1 has been chosen. See the specifications on the right side of this page


At the time of the distribution of the notebooks, the following accessories are included:

  • Notebook bag designed especially for the TU/e. This is checked every year to confirm whether it still meets the requirements.
  • Power supply
  • Network cable
  • Safety cable (for locking the notebook)
  • Mouse



The notebook that is supplied is ready for use. This includes installed software.

This software can be divided into four groups: operating system, basic general software, basic department software and course software.

Support for these programs can be obtained at the central supportdesk ICT Services Student, which is located in Metaforum.

Basic general software includes: Office Suite, anti-virus software and RSI software. This list differs each year. The course software is selected separately for each course and is therefore course-specific.

For a full list of the available software you can click on this link, consult the list of software for university use.