Let us know in time

If you are experiencing any problems or limitations, it is important to let us know in time, preferably before or at the beginning of your study program or when the functional impairment arises. Even if you do not need any help or advice at that time, this can make things easier later on if it turns out that you fall behind with your studies.


If you are going to study at TU/e and you have a functional impairment, please report to ESA three months before your study program starts. But what if you start experiencing a functional impairment during your study program? In that case, you should report this as soon as possible (but no later than two months after the functional impairment arises) to the student counselor and the academic advisor.

Required Documents

In order to use certain facilities, you will need to submit ‘evidence’. This is usually a recent medical certificate or a certificate from a psychologist or remedial educationalist at an assessment agency registered with BIG (Individual Health Care Professions), NIP (Dutch Professional Association of Psychologists) or NVO (Association of Educationalists in the Netherlands). This certificate should state when the functional impairment began and provide an estimation of the extent and likely duration of the impairment.