Who to contact

TU/e has a central contact point for students with a functional impairment at Education and Student Affairs (ESA). The academic advisor of the department where you study can also help you with any questions that you have. Whatever you discuss will naturally always be treated as confidential.

Academic Advisor

Your department's academic advisor is often the first point of contact. He or she can tell you about the possibilities available to you in the department. If the academic advisor is unable to answer all your questions, he or she will refer you to the Education and Students Affairs Center (ESA), for example.

Education and Student Affairs (ESA)

Assistance from the student counselors at ESA is available to everyone in all departments. They can help you with questions about laws and regulations (such as the Dutch system of student grants and loans, enrollment, your legal position as a student, student financial support, the Education Executive Agency (DUO)). They can also advise your department's Examination Committee about giving you more time to take exams (often in case of dyslexia) or making more specific adjustments for you. You can make an appointment with the student counselor here.