Language courses and Academic Writing Skills

Language courses and Academic Writing Skills

The TU/e Language Center (TLC) is involved in the Bachelor’s Professional Skill Academic Writing. You could also take the elective courses Academic Writing (also on EngD and PhD level) and a workshop in Thesis Writing (via Skillslab). Furthermore, TLC offers courses in Dutch as a second language (NT2) on different CEFR-levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1). 

English is the official language at TU/e 
Since 2020, English has been the official language used at TU/e. There’s a variety of reasons for this: 

  • Attractive for international students and the Brainport area; 
  • English is the universal science language 
  • The TU/e is a multicultural and multidisciplinary society in which we often work together and it’s important to understand one another 

Because English is the official language, a lot of attention is paid to improving the skills of both students and employees. Read more on intranet about the project group that is working on this. The focus isn’t, however, only on the English language, but also on the Dutch skills. 

Register for one of the Dutch language courses 
You could take a Dutch language course on different CEFR-levels. If you’ve already taken a Dutch course at another university or institution, please make an appointment for an intake to see at which level you currently are. An appointment can be made via

Register for one of the Academic Writing courses 
You can take academic writing courses at different CEFR-levels at the Language Center. Before doing so, you have to take a SFC600 English Placement Test in Canvas. Based on the results, your entry level will be determined. 

  1. Register in Osiris for the SFC600 English Placement Test 
  2. Take the test in Canvas, this can only do this if you’ve registered yourself in Osiris 
  3. Depending on your score, you can register yourself for SFC630 or SFC640 in Osiris 

If you finish the SF630 or SFC640 courses, you won’t receive a certificate. If you want a confirmation of participation, you can print the course registration and attach the email with grade transcript to this. 

More information

Want to know more? Contact Language Center at +31 40 - 247 2912 or via the contact form below.