There are circumstances that can make studying difficult. Because of an illness, functional impairment or mental health issues, you may need extra support during your studies. But also when you are pregnant, parenting or caring for others, you may need extra support to continue your studies. 

We can help you get the best out of yourself and your studies. For example, by granting you extra time to take an exam or allowing you to use a laptop with speech software. It is also possible to agree on an adjusted study schedule and to get an exception for the binding recommendation. But how do you arrange this? We help you with tips and information on how to apply for extra support as a (prospective) student.

Prospective student?

Are you starting a degree program at TU/e soon and need extra support? When registering in Studielink, indicate that you need extra support and contact our student counselors via at least three months before the start of the academic year. The student counselor will discuss your situation with you and can request facilities for you.  
To request the standard examination time extension (10-minute extension per hour), you do not need to make an appointment with the student counselor. If you upload an expert’s report via the digital registration form that you receive from us in July, we will make sure that your examination extension is arranged before the start of the academic year. 

What is your situation?

Is your situation not listed here or do you doubt whether you need support? Make an appoinment with your academic advisor to discuss your situation. The academic advisor will help you find solutions and can refer you if necessary.

What can the TU/e do for you?

If there are circumstances that affect your studies, you can contact the TU/e student guidance staff for guidance and facilities. They think along with you and can help you eliminate any obstacles as much as possible and prevent or limit study delays due to your circumstances as much as possible.

Your academic advisor is often your first point of contact and can help you draw up an adjusted schedule if the circumstance causes (or caused) study delay or to give room for (medical) treatment. The academic advisor supports you in arranging necessary adjustments within your program. 

For independent advice and (financial) support arrangements in case of study delay due to your personal circumstances, you can contact the student counselor. The student counselor can tell you more about:

With the student counselor you can also arrange examination facilities, such as: 

  • the standard examination time extension (10-minute extension per hour) 
  • the use of a notebook and text-to-speech software
  • examinations with a larger font size/A3 format
  • examination location with few stimuli
  • standing tables/ergonomic chairs
  • diabetes-related measures (glucose meter, medication, food)

Be sure to inform your academic advisor and student counselor as soon as possible if you think you are experiencing study delays due to personal circumstances.

In addition to the academic advisor and the student counselor, a study management advisor and a student psychologist may also be able to help you.

Financial arrangements

If you have incurred a study delay during your performance grant period due to special circumstances, you may be eligible for an extra year of:

It is important that you report the circumstances that are causing the study delay to your academic advisor or student counselor within two months. Feel free to make an appointment with a student counselor if you would like to learn more about these arrangements. The student counselor will discuss your eligibility with you.