Innovation Space

Develop the competencies you need as an engineer of the future: an entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking at systems level, and the ability to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. TU/e innovation Space brings theory to life and enables you to acquire these necessary skills future employers demand of future engineers.

While working on challenges that are offered in interdisciplinary courses and projects that are facilitated by innovation Space, you can develop the competencies you need in your future engineering career. You are able to look at a problem from different perspectives, plan your own projects and communicate your findings. The learning process is very effective, as you work on and learn from real-world societal challenges where you have several challenge options to choose from. You are in the driver's seat of your own learning. At the same time, the university context is a safe space for try-outs, prototyping, and failure.

Every TU/e student from every program can enroll in a type of Challenge-Based Learning (CBL) that suits them. Each year, more than 2,800 students follow one of the 44 courses bachelor or master courses we facilitate for the TU/e programs. Besides this, we also offer a unique chance for students to join innovation Space BEP (ISBEP), where you work with students from other departments and on real world challenges.

Student teams

Besides these courses and projects, it is also possible to join a student team for acquiring the competencies and skills when working on an innovative project. There are more than 40 student teams hosted at innovation Space where over 700 students enjoy extra-curricular learning by working on societal challenges like sustainability, artificial intelligence, health and mobility.

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