Bachelor College

As a student of this Bachelor College you get plenty of scope to compose your own study on the basis of your interests and ambitions. Do you want to go deeper in a specific subject or would you rather explore the breadth by combining different subjects? It's up to you!

Plenty of scope to compose your own study

Started your studies in 2022/2023 or before? This is important for you.

The Bachelor College curriculum is being adjusted. All students starting their bachelor’s program at TU/e after September 1, 2023, will follow the new curriculum. The degree to which the curriculum will change will vary by program. In some programs, a lot will change; in other programs, the changes will be smaller.  
If you started your bachelor’s program before September 1, 2023, you will continue your program according to the current curriculum. If you are or will be delayed in your studies, a transitional arrangement will usually apply.

You can find the complete transitional arrangement here:

References to PER articles may still change. 

Do you have questions about the new curriculum or the transitional arrangement? See if your question is in the FAQ. We are always adding to the FAQ, so check back regularly for updates.