TU/e joins forces with other universities and partners at home and abroad. In your elective courses you can choose to follow courses at these partner institutions or to participate in (international) challenges and competitions. 


TU/e is a proud founder of EuroTeQ, a collaboration of six leading Universities of Science and Technology. EuroTeQ offers selected (online) courses and challenges for students from the partner universities. Browse our EuroTeQ course catalogue for more information! Or watch our webinar for practical info. 

You enjoy working on real-life problems, together in international and diverse teams, where everyone brings in their own perspective and experiences? Then join the EuroTeQ Collider, the challenge-based learning competition will encourage mixed teams to explore specific subjects together and work on innovative projects. Visit www.euroteq.eu/collider for more information.  

Strategic alliance TU/e, WUR, UU and UMC Utrecht

Together with Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Utrecht University (UU) and Utrecht University Medical Center (UMC Utrecht), we team up in a strategic alliance (EWUU) to engage important challenges in science and society. 


We zijn een trotse grondlegger van EuroTeQ, een samenwerkingsverband van zes toonaangevende universiteiten op het gebied van wetenschap en technologie. EuroTeQ maakt het mogelijk om (online) vakken en challenges te volgen aan een van de partneruniversiteiten. Interesse? Bekijk dan onze course catalogue en zie wat de andere universiteiten te bieden hebben.