Administrative grant

All full-time TU/e students who are or were entitled to a student grant or loan are eligible for an administrative grant, provided the conditions for the administrative grant are met. Foreign students who are not entitled to a student grant or loan from the Dutch government are also eligible for a grant, provided the conditions are met.

In other words, performance-linked grant students can receive the grant. In addition, students who follow a fast-track program (a pre-Master's program followed by a Master's program), students who directly enroll in the Master's program, and students who are no longer entitled to financial assistance from the Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs (DUO, organization for student grants and loans) are also eligible.

The following text outlines the Student Financial Support (Profileringsfonds) Regulations 2022-2023, which can be found in the education guide under Official Rules and Regulations.


To be eligible for an administrative grant, you must meet the following minimum conditions:

• You will be performing an administrative function in the academic year of 2022-2023 in an organization that is part of a federation of student associations (see appendix 2 of the Student Financial Support (Profileringsfonds) Regulations 2022-2023).
• You will not receive any payment for performing the administrative function, either from the association in question or any other organization.
• You are enrolled at TU/e as a full-time student and are actually studying.
• You have not yet been awarded a degree and are required to pay statutory tuition fees.
• You are or would have been entitled to a student grant or loan (or you are an international student and are therefore not eligible for a student grant or loan).
•  You are enrolled in the second or next year of a Bachelor's or Master's program or in a pre-master's program.