Grants, funds and scholarships

If you’re going abroad for an internship or exchange, you may be eligible for a scholarshop or fund. ESA/IO manages some of these scholarships and funds. The employees can also inform you about other, external, funds. 

Where do you find scholarships, funds, and grants? 

  • WilWeg contains all scholarships and funds for which you might be eligible 
  • The European Scholarship portal is a search engine for external funds for studying abroad, but also for an internship abroad or exchange. 
  • European Funding Guide provides information on external scholarshopprograms. 

VSBfonds scholarships 2023

VSBfonds provides annual scholarships for eager and motivated students who would like to go abroad to study or conduct research at an international university, after they have graduated from their bachelor’s or master’s program in the Netherlands. Every year, the TU/e recommends a few candidates (and an extra one). Would you like to be nominated for a VSBfonds scholarship? You have to graduate between March 1st, 2021, and December 31st, 2023. Your study abroad has to start after July 1st, 2023. Your application has to be submitted before March 1st, 2023. To be eligible for the VSBfonds Scholarship you must have the Dutch nationality or a strong tie with the Dutch society.

Contact person for VSBfonds scholarship is Petri van de Vorst. 

Applying for a TU/e Mobility Scholarship 

The online system Mobility Online allows you to arrange everything that comes along with going abroad. Here’s where you can also apply for a TU/e coordinated scholarshop for your exchange or internship abroad. 

Letter of recommendation

Some external foundations and organizations require a recommendation letter from a student dean when applying for a scholarship. For more information, please contact Petri van de Vorst. She can also help you to obtain this letter.