Specialization electives

A specialization path, worth 10 EC, prepares for specialization in a specific area of Electrical Engineering.

If in specific situations a specialization path from the specialization path table is not an optimal specialization preparation, a different choice of specialization path may be made, which must be approved by the graduation supervisor. 

Abbreviation Group
CS Control Systems
ECO Electro-Optical Communication (including THZ (Terahertz Photonic Systems))
EES Electrical Energy Systems
EM Electromagnetics
EPE Electromechanics and Power Electronics
ES Electronic Systems
IC Integrated Circuits
PhI Photonic Integration
SPS Signal Processing Systems (including VCA (Video Coding and Architecture)) 

The paths and their courses are listed below. In this table, research groups and track abbreviations are used as specified in the table above. 

Path Code Name Quarter
CS 5SMC0 Control principles for engineered systems 2
  5SMB0 System identification 3
ECO 5SHA0 Photonic integrated devices 2
  5STA0 Optical fibre communications technology 3
EES-1 5SED0 Electrical energy systems in transition 2
  5SEE0 Planning & operation of electrical power systems 2
  5SEF0 Smart grids, ICT and electricity markets 3
EES-2 5SVA0 High voltage technology 2
  5SVB0 Electromagnetic compatibility 3
EM 5SPB0 Microwave engineering and antennas 2
  5SPD0 Electromagnetic modeling techniques 3
EPE-1 5SWA0 Rotary permanent magnet machines 2
  5SWB0 Advanced power electronics 3
EPE-2 5SWC0 Linear and planar motors for high-precision systems 2
  5SWB0 Advanced power electronics 3
ES 5SIA0 Embedded computer architecture 2
  5SIB0 Electronic design automation 3
IC-1* 5SFA0 Data converters 1: fundamentals 2
  5SFD0 Data converters 2: design 3
IC-2* 5SFB0 RF transceivers 1: fundamentals 2
  5SFE0 RF transceivers 2: design 3
PHI 5SHA0 Photonic integrated devices 2
  5SHC0 Microfabrication technology 3
SPS 5SSD0 Bayesian machine learning and information processing 2
  5SSC0 Adaptive array signal processing 3

*It is highly recommended that the course 5SFC0 Advanced CMOS design is taken in line with these specialization paths.