Testing methods

Interim tests – exams to learn from

During your bachelor’s study program you’ll regularly take so-called interim tests. Usually, your teacher grades these tests within a few days. Based on the feedback you’ll get, you know if there are still more components that you need to pay extra attention to. The test sometimes count for a little percentage of the final grade. 

Practice exam

Before you take a final exam, you’ll always take a practice exam that will be discussed during the last lecture of the course. The feedback that you receive helps you to get the best results when taking the final exam. 

Certification exam – exams to study for

This test helps you to see whether you have reached the course’s aims. A combination of different testing methods can be used, depending on the knowledge and skills that have to be tested: 

  • written exam
    There are several exam weeks with written exams throughout the academic year. The dates for these exams are announced at the start of the academic year. A written exam usually consists of open questions. That means that you’ll get the results a few weeks after you’ve taken the exam. You can review your exam and also have the opportunity to take a resit. 
  • design
    For some courses, you have to submit a design, individually or as a team. Your teacher assesses the design based on criteria that were determined beforehand. 
  • presentation
    As an engineer, you have to be able to give a persentaiton. That’s why this is a common testing method. 
  • report
    As a researcher, you have to be able to report. This testing method is therefore used often as wel. 
  • oral exam 
    Your teacher questions you about the course contents. Sometimes an assigned person is present, too. 

Each study program has its own PER (Program and Examination Regulations). You can find this in the specific study program’s part of the education guide.