TU/e Language assessment

The English Placement Test is offered to students to assess their level of English. Often the level students have at the beginning of the studies (pre-university grade, IELTS, TOEFL, etc.) is not a very precise predictor for a student’s actual ability to successfully use English at university. This is because many of these tests are not based on academic English and because a student’s ability can change over time. The aim of the placement test is to supply a student with advice concerning the most appropriate English course to take. 

Students who do not do a placement test through their department and wish to enrol in an English course are obligated to complete the SFC600 English Placement Test first. Please register for SFC600 via Osiris. After registration the test can immediately be taken in Canvas. With the appropriate course advice, students may then enrol in the course that has been advised.

If you would like to do the test as an employee, please go here and click on:
1. 'Join this course'
2. 'Enroll in course'
3. 'Go to the course'

More information

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