Where can I find the TU/e Career Academy?

We are at the EnergyForum in MF building (floor 1) every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 12:00 and 14:00. Due to corona, we will only be availble online. e-mail: careeracademy@tue.nl

Who is eligible to use the TU/e Career Academy services?

All TU/e students that are enrolled in any of the programs included both full and part-time. Moreover, graduated students may still use our services within 6 months after finishing their studies. 

How can I subscribe to the workshops?

Go directly to the workshops page and click on the workshop that you would like to attend. At the bottom of the page, you find the course code to subscribe via OSIRIS

How can I get an individual coaching meeting?

You can book an individual appointment here. On the date of your appointment, please wait at the ESA desk in the MF building (Note: this is not the same location as the EnergyForum). Your career coach will pick you up at the desk. If you are having an online appointment with one of the career coaches, you will receive an invite for an online Teams Meeting.

Why do I need a CV?

A CV is the best way to give your contact details and a shortlist of what you have done all this time to the company that you want to approach. Therefore it should show your qualifications, work experience, achievements and a bit of your personality and interests. That's why it is important to keep your CV informative and easy to read. 

Why do I need a cover letter?

The purpose of a cover letter is to tell the employer who you are and why they should want to invite you to a job interview. This is the best opportunity to highlight your strengths and show your talents. It also allows you to take control of the follow-up process by ending the letter actively and keeping the initiative on your side. 

Is LinkedIn important?

Remember that we are in the digital age now, meaning that once you give your CV to a company and they are interested, they will look for more information about you online. LinkedIn is a place where you can show everything a professional needs to know about you, what your strengths are and what have you been doing over the past years. It doesn’t have a limited amount of space, so this may even include more content than your CV.  

How do I start my application documents?

Check our online material to get started with the basic do’s and don’ts regarding these documents. Moreover, you can make use of the given webpages to check for examples and templates. When you have finished your CV, cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile, you can always drop by at the walk-in sessions at the EnergyForum to get a final check on your documents.