Student Wellbeing Network (SWeN)

The Student Wellbeing Network is a group of students and staff members who work actively on student wellbeing. If the TU/e community would work together on matters of wellbeing, we would have the possibility to make changes that are bigger than the sum of our individual efforts and thereby have a greater reach. Thus, this synergetic student wellbeing network aims to fill the gap by improving the communication and coordination between parties working towards fostering greater student wellbeing at the TU/e. By including both students and support staff, this network further operates as an advisory body for matters related to student wellbeing policy.

Open to all

SWeN has no members. All students and staff can participate in all meetings or give input through separate communication channels. Every month, a large meeting is organized where a specific topic is discussed, sometimes with an invited expert. In between, a less formal meeting is held to catch up on everyday issues or more in-depth discussions about something.

Contact us

The SWeN is managed by the SWeN-core team, which consists of both students and staff as well. They can be reached for inquiries, input, feedback or ideas through email. 

More information

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