Student counselor

Student counselor

Student counselors provide information and advice about a range of matters that are not directly related to the content of your study program. The student counselor can advise you, act as an intermediary, or refer you to other (external) services. Even if you don’t know exactly what the matter is, it is often useful to have a conversation with a relative outsider. Gaining insight into a problematic situation can help clear things up. You could, for example, discuss the following issues:

  • Study grants
  • Financial support due to study delay caused by extenuating circumstances
  • Enrollment and termination of enrollment
  • Postponement of the binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (BSA)
  • Administrative grants
  • Lodging a complaint or objection, or starting an appeal procedure
  • Provisions for studying with a functional impairment or chronic illness
  • Combining study with top-level sports

Make an appointment

As a student, you can make an appointment with a student counselor yourself. One meeting is usually enough, depending on the questions, but sometimes more meetings are necessary. In exceptional cases, the student counselor takes the initiative for a meeting.

Our online appointment tool complies with all requirements regarding the privacy laws. We use the data only as input for the appointments. 

Any questions?

Have a question for a student counselor and it doesn't require an appointment? If so, send an email to If you would like to schedule an appointment, please use the appointment button to make an appointment.

More information

Want to know more? Contact us via the contact form below.


Maak zelf een afspraak

Als student kun je zelf een afspraak maken met de decaan. Afhankelijk van je vraag is één gesprek vaak al voldoende. Soms volgen er meer gesprekken. Slechts in hoge uitzondering neemt de decaan het initiatief voor een gesprek. 

Vanaf 6 september 2021 kun je kiezen voor een online afspraak of een fysieke afspraak op de TU/e campus. De online afspraak vindt plaats via Teams. Meld je voor de afspraak op de campus bij de digitale terminal/zuil bij de ESA Student Desk in Metaforum. Je wordt dan opgehaald voor de afspraak.