Study management advisor

Study management advisor

Studying demands considerable independence and discipline. If you are not satisfied with your study progress or if your exam results are disappointing, then the TU/e can help you improve your study output.

Study management consists of various forms of support: you can make use of individual coaching from one of the study management advisors, or work in a group. Next to that, you can participate in trainings which focus on specific subjects. All the study management group trainings for upcoming quartile can be found in the attached file named 'Group Training Sessions' at the end of this webpage.

All other trainings offered by ESA can be found by clicking on the link at the end of the webpage which directs you to an overview of all trainings. 


Making an individual appointment

As a new type of coaching, students are now able to book a ‘walk session’ with one of the study management advisors. During this session we do the intake outside during a walk around campus. A regular 20-minute walk can be enough to keep both your brain and body fit. Being outside stimulates and can help to give yourself new (study) energy.

You can make an individual appointment directly via the following link:

*Our online appointment tool complies with all requirements regarding the privacy laws. We use the data only as input for the appointments. 

Have you previously been diagnosed with autism or AD(H)D?

In that case, you can make an appointment with a student psychologist.

Directly to