Administrative costs regulation

If you did not register in time for a course in the next quartile or an exam in the current quartile, you can make use of the administrative costs regulation. You pay €20,- per course or exam to register after the registration deadline.

The administrative costs regulation  works as follows:

1. Check whether you meet the entry requirements of the course. These are listed in the course catalogue under 'entry requirements'. Examples of entry requirements are mandatory prior knowledge and exclusion due to overlap.
2. If you meet the entry requirements, fill out the form below to register.
3. Once we have processed your application, you will receive a confirmation email from OSIRIS. Did you not receive a confirmation email? Please contact the ESA Helpdesk immediately. We cannot register you for courses that are already full.
4. A few days later you will receive an AcceptEmail to pay the 20 euros payment per course. The deadline for payment is mentioned in the AcceptEmail and is not the same as the AKR deadline.
5. When your payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email from the ESA Helpdesk. Your registration is then final.

The administrative costs regulation  is only valid during a period indicated beforehand. After the end of this period, participation in a course is no longer possible. You will have to wait until the next period that the course is taught.


Are you, due to personal circumstances, too late to register for a course or an exam? Please contact the student counsellor as soon as possible. Personal circumstances are defined as illness, functional impairments and special family circumstances. If the student counsellor recognizes your personal circumstances, we will still register you for a course or an exam and you will not have to pay an administration fee. If the personal circumstances arise during a quartile, the lecturer will determine whether participation in the course or exam is still possible.

More information about the AKR for students of the Bachelor College can be found in article 3.9 paragraph 1 in the OER. For students of the Graduate School more information can be found in article 3.8 paragraph 1 (registration for courses) and in article 4.4 paragraph 1 (registration for examinations).


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