Intellectual property

The TU/e finds it important that you have the space for entrepeneurship. What you discover during your study remains your intellectual property (IE). 

Give up your intellectual property

If you do an internship, or are completing your final project, your are often asked to sign an internship agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). An IE clause can be included in this agreement. This usually means that you’re giving up your IE rights during the duration of your internship or final project. 

The TU/e sometimes asks you to give you’re your IE-rights. You’ll have to sign a (standard) resignment agreement. This can, for example, occur if you’re doing a project with which multiple companies are involved. It’s always up to you whether you sign or not. If you don’t sign, you can’t participate in the project. An alternative assignment will have to be offered to you.

More information

Do you want to know more about IE in relation to an internship or graduation? You can find more information on intranet