Room bookings

The Book my Space platform makes it easy to find and reserve meeting rooms and presentation spaces. You can book in advance or claim a room on the spot. In addition to using the reservation system in Outlook, you can reserve a room by using the Planon SelfService in which you can also search for the necessary facilities).

Meeting rooms are only meant for meetings (group work) and not for studying on your own. 


  • How can I book a room in Atlas?
    Via Outlook, MyTUe or the Planon App.
  • How far in advance can I book a room?
    Students can book a room one week in advance.
  • Where can I find the number of people that fit into a meeting room? You can find this information in Outlook. If you create a meeting request, you can add a location or room. If you search for Atlas, you will find all meeting rooms and their capacity.
  • Can I lock a room?
    No, Atlas is an ‘open building’, so there are no locks on the meeting rooms.
  • How can I book a lecture hall?
    A lecture hall can be booked from the third week of a quartile up until the exam period by sending an email to book my space.
  • Are there QR codes to reserve a table?
    Not yet, maybe in the future.