USE learning trajectory

USE stands for User, Society and Entrepreneurial perspective, a kind of package of subjects that looks at engineering from a user, society or entrepreneur perspective. After all, as an engineer you have to deal with users and find solutions to the challenges in our society. USE shows you the context of technology in a wide range. During your program you take at least 4 USE courses: one Basic Course and one USE-trajectory which consist out of three courses and 5 Studium Generale Activities.

Change in offerings USE learning lines

With the introduction of the new curriculum of the Bachelor College, the offerings of the USE learning lines are also changing. Five learning lines will be offered for the last time in the 2023/2024 academic year:  

  • Quality of Life  
  • Internet of Things  
  • Physics of Social Systems  
  • The Secret Life of Light  
  • Design for a Sustainable Future  

The Data Challenges will be offered from AY23-24 onwards for Bachelor Data Science students only.

The remaining USE learning lines will still be offered in 2024/2025.


As an engineer you develop technology for users, to contribute in solutions on social problems and economic results for companies. A great example is developing robots in the medical care. Besides developing technology, it is important for patients to accept the robots, and to be sure that the development is accepted by the norms of care. But also, if there are companies in the Netherlands which can and want to develop such kind of robots.

 As a Bachelor College student you take a USE basic course in your first year. In your 2nd and/or 3th year you are able to follow a USE Learning trajectory. This USE Learning trajectory consist out of three courses: exploration, specialization and application. More information about the different USE Learning trajectory can be found on the specific pages per Learning trajectory.

Exploration, Specialization, Application

In each USE package there is one main subject. This subject makes the interaction between technology and the surrounding environment clearly visible and focuses on one or more USE perspectives. A USE package is made up of three components of 5 credits each.

In this phase you explore the subject and acquaint yourself with the main insights and discussions relating to the subject. In addition, you conduct a number of case studies in which you study the interaction between technology and the surrounding environment. The case studies can be related to various areas of technology.

Here you become acquainted with knowledge (theories, methods, and techniques) of relevant elements of the social and management sciences and the humanities. Deepening your package often means choosing various subjects that deepen your knowledge.

Lastly, you apply the knowledge and skills you have learned to a project within a relevant area of technology. These projects can be design or research oriented. For one learning pathway, several projects are offered by various departments. This allows you to make connections with a variety of areas of technology.

Studium Generale

Participating in at least 5 Studium Generale activities marked with an USE- logo is part of your USE laerning trajectory.

The Studium Generale office has the task of promoting the social, intellectual and cultural interests of students. Together with students, SG organizes lectures, discussions, concerts, exhibitions, excursions, theater and film performances and workshops for students. SG also has the task of strengthening the cultural role of the university in the city and the region, and of supporting and promoting student amateur art.

To participate in these activities you can sign up at Studium Generale. Studium Gerenale will register the EC activities when you visit them. If you participated in al least 5 activities by the end of your USE learning trajectory, than you can successfully complete the USE learning trajectory. Off course you are welcome to join in more Studium Generale activities after that. These are meant to be as social, intellectual and a way of broadening your cultural interests.

NOTE Should you be exempted from USE because you have enrolled for the coherent educational elective packages from the Eindhoven School of Education, you are advised that you are not exempted from following SG activities. It is your own responsibility to enroll and complete SG100 if you have chosen the coherent educational elective packages.

(If you started the Bachelor College before 2014, SG is not a mandatory part of your USE learning trajectory.)

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