Your Mentor in the master's program

As student of a Master’s program you have a mentor. The main goal of your mentor is to get you the best possible start of your career. 

"TU/e’s educational mission is to educate engineers who will be able to make significant and innovative contributions to society throughout their career. The Master’s degree is no longer the final step of our students’ education; it’s the first step of their career"

The bigger picture

Giving shape to your future career path is a process that lasts a lifetime. And it starts with questions like:

What do you want to accomplish in your life?
What kind of environment supports and inspires you?
What makes you happy?

You don’t have to figure it all out right now, but you need to start thinking about the bigger picture by exploring different career paths and setting long-term goals.

Role of the mentor

Your mentor can help you with finding answers to these questions. The task of a mentor is to help you to explore your future goals.

Subsequently, you can put together a coherent education and development plan. This plan should include curriculum choices, professional and academic skills to focus on, and your view on your future after graduating.

Whether you want to become a successful researcher, designer, teacher, entrepreneur or manager, the development of professional and academic skills is essential.

Your mentor can suggest challenging courses, introduce you to people in research departments and companies, and help you determine career goals.

You are in charge

During your Master’s program you are in charge of your own professional and academic development.

Within the first month after starting your Master’s degree program, you need to (see the Program and Examination regulations 2016-2017 of your department, Article 3.4):

  1. complete the TU/e Diagnostic Test on Professional Skills;
  2. design a Personal development plan;
  3. set up an introductory meeting with your mentor;
  4. sign the declaration concerning the TU/e Code of Scientific Conductduring the meeting with your mentor.

Find out what kind of future is right for you by having regular meetings with your mentor, creating and adjusting your personal development plan, having a meeting with the TU/e Career Academy and other partners of MyFuture. Working on your future starts today!