Student guidance

Various people offer supervision during your program, namely:

  • your student mentor
  • your mentor
  • your thesis supervisor
  • your academic advisor

Student mentor

If you are a first-year master student and new to TU/e, you will be assigned a student mentor to help you get settled in. It’s your first point of contact for all your practical questions. You will be guided in a group with other first year master’s students that are new to TU/e, so it’s also a perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students. All student mentors are senior master’s students Mechanical Engineering, so they know the program. Please note that this only applies to quartile 1 and 2 of year 1 in the master and only for master’s students new to TU/e.


You will be allocated (capacity-driven Master Allocation Procedure) to a section and they will couple you to a mentor that will give you program-related supervision. Your mentor will guide you in selecting your courses, finding an internship position and orientation on a possible graduation subject. By the time you start your graduation project, you will be supervised by a thesis supervisor.

Thesis supervisor

The thesis supervisor guides you during your graduation project.

Academic advisor

The academic advisor is there to advise you, and to help you if there are any obstacles to good progress in your study. Points that can come up during a talk are for instance the method of studying, which electives or specialization to choose, how to arrange a internship, study delay due to illness or personal situations affecting the study progress. Make sure to contact the advisor in time, so there is time to handle the problem.

The academic advisor gives advice in a personal talk, at the initiative of the student. you can easily make an appointment or simply walk in. The academic advisor can also call students in for a talk because of their study progress. The conversations are confidential and are held in a relaxed atmosphere. Sometimes the academic advisor will refer students to other kinds of student support or a training the university provides (see more information here). 

Academic advisors:

You can make appointments through this link.

More information about the academic advisors per study program can be found via the following link:

TU/e Alumni Community

The TU/e Alumni Community brings TU/e students, young professionals and experienced alumni together. You get the opportunity to talk about your ambitions with experts from the field and learn from their career challenges. Experienced alumni, from all TU/e departments, are willing to share their professional insights and experiences with you. They can help you shape your own future.