Curriculum prior to 2021

Curriculum prior to 2021

Students who started their studies of CSE prior to September 2021 follow the previous curriculum. The information below relates to the previous curriculum; if you are started your studies of CSE in September 2021 or later, this information is not applicable. Some courses may no longer be offered, or are offered under a different course code or name – if you cannot register for a course that is part of your program, consult the Academic Advisors.  

The Master program Computer Science and Engineering is a two-year program of 120 credits in total. The academic year is subdivided into two semesters, the fall semester starting in September, and the spring semester starting in February. It is possible to enter the program at the start of either semester; however, starting in September is preferred. The program is only offered as a full time study program. 
The CSE curriculum is structured in streams, which provide an organized set of courses in particular subject areas within Computer Science. The streams provide guidance for the directions in which you can specialize, and ensure that you choose a comprehensive and coherent set of courses. When you enroll to the CSE master you should choose a stream right away because this determines the list of mandatory courses and the assignment of a mentor. The streams are: 

  • Software science 

  • Web science 

  • Systems science 

Each stream has the same structure: 

  • CSE mandatory course (5 credits)

  • Stream mandatory courses (20 credits)

  • Stream elective courses (20 credits)

  • Free electives (40 credits)

  • Seminar (5 credits)

  • Master project (30 credits)

Each stream has a number of mandatory courses, and a selected set of elective courses from which at least 20 credits should be chosen. There is great flexibility in defining the remaining part of your individual study program from all courses that are offered by the Computer Science department (40 credits). Within this remaining part you should include 15 credits in international experience if you do not have it yet and are not doing your master project abroad. To prepare for the master project, you take a seminar course from one of the Computer Science research groups. In the following sections, more details for each of the streams are given. 

Students have to register for their courses as well as the exams via the Osiris plan app.