Program - Course Phase

General Structure

The Master program on Data Science & Artificial Intelligence is structured into trajectories. Each trajectory contains a set of 2-4 coherent courses that go from foundational knowledge to advanced expertise. You compose your program by:

  • Following all mandatory core courses in the trajectories of the program (30 credits)
  • Choosing specialization electives (30 credits) from the trajectories in the form of
    • 2 trajectories you declare as your major trajectories (10 credits per major trajectory)
    • 1 or 2 more trajectories you declare as your minor trajectories (10 credits from non-major trajectories)
  • Choosing free electives (15 credits)
  • Completing your program with the graduation phase (45 credits)

Through the program’s core courses, you take foundational courses in 6 of the program’s trajectories.

  • You then choose 2 expertise areas in which you want to acquire deeper, specialized knowledge and possibly do a graduation project. Choose these 2 as your major trajectories and follow 2 more courses per trajectory
  • Choose 1 or 2 more expertise areas to broaden your expertise beyond the major trajectories. Follow 2 more courses that are not in one of your 2 major trajectories. These can also be from the same trajectory.

You do not have to commit to choosing which trajectories are your major trajectories at the start of the Master program. You will typically start several trajectories and about halfway into the 2nd semester decide which area you want to specialize in further.

You may follow more courses in the trajectories of interest as part of the free electives.