The master program on Embedded Systems is a two-year program of 120 ECTS in total.  The curriculum consists of courses offered by the Computer Science division of the department Mathematics and Computer Science and the department of Electrical Engineering.

Students have to register for their courses as well as the exams via the Osiris plan app.


The curriculum has a core of 25 EC consisting of five courses that are mandatory for all Embedded Systems students. The curriculum is further structured into four streams:

  Systems on Chip

  Embedded Software

  Embedded Networking

  Cyber-Physical Systems

The purpose of the streams is, on the one hand, to provide guidance to students in composing coherent individual study programs, and on the other hand, to preserve the multidisciplinary nature of each individual Embedded Systems study program.  Associated with every stream is a mandatory part of 15 EC and an elective part of 15 EC; the elective part should be composed of courses selected from a list of stream electives associated with the stream. The graduation project of the Embedded Systems program consists of a 10 EC preparation phase and a 30 EC master project. The remaining 25 EC of the program may be composed of free electiveshomologation units (at most 15 EC), and (optionally) an internship (15 EC).