Student assistantship

Procedure for student assistents

Student assistents can play a role in both education and research within a capacity group or a department  of the faculty IE&IS. Only students who obain a propedeuse diploma or students that can show a propedeuse certificate, and who are registered as student are allowed to apply for a student assistant position. Students who are interested to become a student assistant can send their resume to the secretary of the capacity group or department of their interest. Students interested to become student assistant in education management can visit the Euflex Technificent website:

Non-EU residents need a working permit. Secretaries can contact the HR department of IE&IS:

The appointment as student assistant also requires that you are resitered at Euflex.You have to this once before your first appointment as student assistant. Please take the following procedure into account: 

  • For each new appointment as student assistant the secretary of the capacity group or department sends in the digital form:
  • Based on the information, Euflex contacts the student for the appointment.

In case of questions, please contact the secretary of the capacity group or department where you apply.

Conditions for your application

Second Year 60 ects 0,3 fte
Third Year 120 ects 0,4 fte
Fourth Year 180 ect 0,5 fte

Starting point for your salary is the program year you are in at the moment of application (2nd,3rd or 4th) and is not adjusted in between.

The indications of the salaries for student assistants in 2022 are:

  • 2nd Years              € 15,18 gross per hour
  • 3rd Years               € 15,18 gross per hour
  • 4th Years               € 16,50 gross per hour
  • Working Student (Werkstudent) 2nd and 3rd years     € 15,18 gross per hour
  • Working Student (Werkstudent) 4th years                   € 16,50 gross per hour

The gross salaries include a settlement for leave days. Therefore, student assistants do n0t have leave days. The salaries are based the CAO and the TU/e conditions and will be adjusted if either the CAO (collective labor agreement) or TU/e conditions may be changed.