FE Social Robotics Lab

Founded in 2007, the ID SOCIAL ROBOTICS LAB focusses on designing the interactions between humans and robots.


We face future coexistence and perhaps synergy with emerging technologies and artificially intelligent actors. Social robots, one example of this coexistence, are emerging as socio-technological solutions designed to engage people in an interpersonal manner in domains such as education, therapy, elderly care or preventive health, as well as facilitating and enhancing the efficiency of physical interaction in domains such as coordinated teamwork in factories, warehouses and everyday domestic tasks. In contrast to the robots that are currently in use, these robots of the future will interact socially, by understanding the intentions and emotions of humans, will take ethically responsible decisions and develop relationships with humans guided by trust and take into account human values. 

Our research topics

  • Social intelligence for robots
  • Robots providing and understanding social cues
  • Assistive robots for specific user groups such as elderly, persons with dementia, children with autism spectrum disorders/diabetes.
  • Robots able to express and interpret emotions and intentions
  • Eye contact, joint attention and turn-taking during multi-party conversations
  • Trust, persuasion, and motivating positive behavior and compliance with robots

Our research aims

  • Making robots smart in complex environments inhabited by humans
  • Designing natural, trustworthy and engaging interactions through and with robots
  • Clinical validation of usefulness of robots for special groups
  • Developing innovative solutions for industrial partners

Our expected results

  • Quantitative models for human-like behaviour
  • Understanding the link between user experience, user acceptance and robot behaviour
  • Clinically validated robot scenarios for social training of children with ASD
  • Software for socially intelligent robot behaviour
  • Software for end-user programming of robots
  • Applications for real world environments in various domains (health care, automotive, education

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Location: Atlas 6.229