Rapid Prototyping Lab

The /d.search lab is dedicated to the realization of high-quality prototypes for Master students and researchers of the ID department. The lab facilities are also used to support high-level innovative projects within education that deserve extra attention in order to attract industry and inform and inspire research. Dedicated multi-disciplinary support staff ensures correct operation of the equipment and the maintenance and extension of the facilities and related support.

There are also Mechanical Engineering facilities that are part of the /d.search lab. This is the Rapid Prototyping lab and can be found in a different location.

The lab, 3d printers, and laser cutter are only available for ID master students and staff members and are open during office hours (9.00 – 17.00). Wiki 3D printing.

See Contact Labs page for contact details. or: \d.search wiki.


  • \d.search lab: Atlas 2.120 - 2.125
  • Rapid prototyping lab: Atlas 2.136 - 2.137


  • Six electronic workplaces which include a dedicated SMD (Surface-Mounted Device) work station and an SMD oven and a supply of commonly used electronics components.
  • Laser cutter Trotec Speedy 300™. For instructions how to use the laser cutter check the idwiki page.
  • State-of-the-art professional 3D printer (Objet Connex 350)
  • Facilities for silicone and resin casting
  • Fortus 250 mc FDM 3D printer