Mentor system

The final project in the Master (MSc) program is the Master Thesis Project. The student will prepare himself for this project during the first three semesters of the program. During the first semester, the student identifies a research area in which he is interested. During this semester, the student takes part in the mentor selection. During the second and third semester, the student will develop a thesis topic by taking elective courses. During this period the student is guided by the thesis mentor, who will also guide the student in the Master Thesis Project. The thesis mentor is responsible:

  • to assist the student with developing a thesis topic
  • to assist the student in selecting his electives
  • to approve the restricted elective courses including international term

During the first semester, a student applies for a mentor. Before this, a general information meeting and master track information event (information about the mentors and their research lines) is held. The student reads about the research subjects and interests of the various mentors.

In the Master OML, after the orientation phase, students can have (exploratory) talks with potential mentors. A student can contact multiple mentors; a mentor can consider several students. The student informs the mentor about the desired track(s). In the end, the student and mentor agree that the student will be guided by that mentor. For the Master OML this means also the decision on the chosen track. Together, mentor and student, fill in the Mentor Assignment Form (see downloads) and the student sends the completed form to the Education Administration.

As from this point there is a formal connection between the student and the mentor. The student will choose the electives based on the research area agreed upon (see Form 2: Elective Courses). The mentor will reserve time and capacity for guiding the student.

Please take a look at the important dates for the mentor procedure here.

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