Master Thesis Project / report

The Master Thesis Project is the final project in the master program. Since it is a full time project of one entire semester (30 ects), a student should preferably have completed all other courses before starting this project. Hence this project is planned in the last (fourth) semester of the master program. It can however be started in the Fall or in the Spring semester, depending on the start date of the master program (September or February).

The Master Thesis Coördinators are dr. Rik Eshuis (IS), dr. Willem van Jaarsveld (OPAC) and dr. Leander van der Meij (HPM)

When preparing your MSc Thesis, you may want to check the assessment form as a reference for the relevant criteria.  Further you should consider some requirements about the format of your project. All relevant information on this can be found in the Thesis Manual (see downloads). This manual serves as a guideline for students and mentors.

Special attention needs to be paid to possible confidentiality of the final graduation report: The report is public and will be published in the library. If the organization in which the graduation project has taken place considers that publication of the research would harm its interests, the student must write the report in such a way that it is suitable for publication. In general, this will imply the masking of data and possibly an appendix that is kept confidential. Masking of data is only acceptable if the Word 2007 Redaction Tool is used (install via, otherwise confidentiality cannot be guaranteed! In any case, the report must be readable without the markings/appendix. Any changes made to the report on behalf of confidentiality must always be approved by the first supervisor!

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