DTU - TU/e exchange 1-1 program

The DTU (Technical University of Denmark) – TU/e exchange 1-1 program supports the exchange of TU/e students enrolled in the Sustainable Energy Technology MSc program and DTU students enrolled in the MSc program in Sustainable Energy with a specialization in Energy Conversion and Storage. The sections / research groups ‘Energy Technology’, ‘Power & Flow’, ‘Plasma & Materials Processing’ and ‘Electrical Energy Systems’ are participating in this exchange program.

The core of the exchange program consists of carrying out the graduation project at a research group of DTU (45 EC). In addition, students fill in the remaining space of 15 credits with either courses or an internship. 

After successful completion of the entire program at both universities, the student will receive a Master of Science in Sustainable Energy Technology from TU/e and a supplement from DTU.

More information about the DTU exchange 1-1 program can be found under downloads.