Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I enroll in this program?

  • If you are looking for an additional challenge on top of your regular Master.
  • If you want to Deepen your self-knowledge and broaden your skills set to make yourself a more complete professional.
  • If you want to learn everything you need to take the lead in your study and life and apply it in a professional development program designed by you.
  • If you want to connect, learn and be supported by a personal leadership teacher, a supervisor and, last but not least, like-minded peers.
  • If you are looking for answers and want to be coached in these topics: your dreams, your talents, your potential, your energy, your decisions and your future.


I am not sure if this Program is something for me, can I talk to someone?

There are several opportunities to receive information about the program and to ask all the questions you have. Visit the information sessions, happening 3 times a year. Check out this page for the upcoming session. During these sessions you can also meet the PLE teacher and a student.

Feel free to send an e-mail to honorsacademy@tue.nl and we are happy to provide you answers to your questions and investigate, with you together, if this program is something you should aim for.


According to the regulations, I have 18 months to complete the Honors Master Program (HMP) and 32 months to complete my regular Master, how does this work exactly?

When you start your HMP in October or March, we will start calculating the 18 months. So from the moment you start the 18 months are counting.  

When you start your regular master in September or February, no matter when you started your HMP, we will start calculating the 32 months.

This means that the starting time of your regular Master can and will be different than the starting time of your HMP.

Example: you started your regular Master in September 2022 and you started your HMP in March 2023. This means that for your regular Master your deadline is 30-04-2025 and for your HMP your deadline is 31-08-2024.

If you cannot make these deadlines, we can always see if an extension would be applicable to your situation.


How to combine the HMP with my regular Master?

As you know you will do the HMP on top of your regular Master, this means 20 extra ECTS. Only the first phase of the program (PLE) will be on fixed times, the rest of the program could be planned on a suitable moment according to your own schedule. There are people that do their PD phase during the summer holidays (for example a fulltime internship) or there are people that spread it over time and do every week a bit of work during their free time.

During the PLE workshops you will also learn how to deal with making decision, having a big workload etc.

The optimal planning is that you have finished the HMP before starting your regular graduation project.


How can I apply for the Honors Master Program?

Check this page for an explanation about the application process.


I want to apply but I have no idea or not a complete idea of what I would like to do for my PD phase, how to deal with this?

It is not a problem that your project is not completely defined yet when you apply. You will first start with the Personal Leadership Experience, and this will also help you to further define and refine your project. If you have a general idea about the area in which you would like to develop your project, and are clearly able to present this in your application and during the interview, this should be fine.

Your Graduate Program Director (with whom you will have the interview) can possibly also help you to further delineate your plans.


What could I do as a Professional Development phase project?

General, your PD phase project should be in lign with your Professional Development Plan and the learning goals you desrcibed in there. Eventually the Graduate Program Director will decide if a project is possible or not.  Things that cannot be done for sure are 'a student assistant job, following Bachelor courses (unless you have very good reasons to do so) or courses that are part of your regular Master. Besides, if you are already planning on an internship, this internship could be used as an Honors Project if you extend the internship with an extra project which has its own goal. The regular internship and Honors internship should be clearly distingued from each other. 


During the PD phase I will be working together with a supervisor, what are the requirements?

You will indeed be supervised by a supervisor and this person is an employee at the TU/e who is appointed as an examiner at master’s level and has experience with the supervision of graduation projects. The supervisor can delegate part of the coaching to a PhD student. 

You will search for a supervisor yourself, the Honors Academy or your GPD can advise and help you. The supervisor does not have to be a person from your own department. 


Where can I find the regulations?

You can find the regulations here.