Admission to DS&AI pre-Master

The DS&AI pre-Master program is targeted at students with a prior university Bachelor as it requires  university-level programming experience and prior knowledge on statistics or linear algebra. A pre-master program for higher vocational education (HBO) bachelors is not currently available.

Students are qualified to start the DS&AI pre-Master program if they

  1. meet the general entrance requirements for Mathematics and English;
  2. have obtained the following prior knowledge, with one or more passed courses of 5 credits (ECTS) on each one of the following subjects:
    • (Object-Oriented) Programming and Software Development (basics and experience).
    • Probability and Statistics or Linear Algebra (at a Bachelor level, i.e. level 6 in European Qualifications Framework).

By requiring the two entrance tests on Mathematics and English, we want to make sure your level of mathematics and English is corresponding with the level you need to be able to succeed in a TU/e pre-Master program. Based on these tests, you could reconsider your choice or increase your chances by working on your Math and/or English level. The exceptions to these requirements are also listed here.

Students who do not qualify for admission to the DS&AI pre-Master program but wish to qualify for the DS&AI Master program are advised to enroll in the preparatory Bachelor program.