Examination schedules

Your personal schedule is visible for you in My Timetable. Here you can also find exam schedules for all courses you are enrolled in.

Success in your exams – prevent examination fraud

It goes without saying that you want to perform as well as possible in your exams. The best way to ensure that you can do your best is by having clear rules in place for what is and is not allowed during examinations.

Make sure you are not involved in any irregularity or suspicion of fraud or cheating, by in any case:

  • Being present 15 minutes before the start of the examination;
  • Making sure you have your ID with you (campus card or valid ID card)
  • Carefully reading through the instructions on the cover sheet of the exam paper;
  • Switching off any media-carrying devices (such as mobile phones and smart watches) and placing them in a closed bag.

If our exam monitors have any reason to suspect fraud or cheating, or if any irregularities occur, they will report this to the Examination Committee.

More information about testing and Assessment, can be found here.