SFC515 - Beg-Int Dutch Conversation Course

Meant for

This course is a bridge between the beginners courses and the intermediate courses. After finishing Dutch for Beginners II you can decide to either go further with Dutch Intermediate I or to exercise speaking and conversation on the A2 level (CEFR) before entering Dutch Intermediate I.

Course structure

We will use a hand-out set which you can find under Files on Canvas.

The course is a blended-learning course. You will get access to online materials which you can exercise outside the classroom. The course consists of the following parts:

Preparation: Before each lesson, you study vocabulary on your own and you go through grammar overviews. This material you can find under Modules on Canvas.

Class session: We will practice vocabulary and conversation which can be used in daily life. In eight weeks we will go through eight different topics:

  1. Family, friends & work and study
  2. Hobbies, free time & party
  3. Shopping
  4. Food and cooking
  5. House, moving & living abroad
  6. Travelling & vacation
  7. Health, lifestyle & visiting the doctor
  8. Approaching people on different formal and informal levels.

You will work in a small group and you will get an individual feedback throughout the course. The communication skills will be exercised in many different ways.

Exercises (after the lesson): You will find exercises on Canvas. This way, you can repeat what you have learned.

The final assessment will be held during the examination period.

Learning goals

  • Beg-Int course aims to improve speaking and communication skills in Dutch. It repeats, deepens and broadens the vocabulary and it exercises the ability to apply the gained grammar and vocabulary knowledge in different communications.
  • Beg-Int course aims to improve pronunciation.
  • After completing the Beg-Int course you will gain more confidence in speaking and applying grammar rules and will feel more comfortable when communicating in Dutch.
  • Beg-Int course should also make the transition to Dutch Intermediate I smoother.


The final assessment should provide you with an individual feedback on your communication skills in Dutch. The final conversation session/the assessment will be held during the examination period.

More information

Want to know more? Contact Language Center at +31 40 - 247 2912 or via the contact form below.