Binding Recommendation for continuation of studies

At the end of the first year of your bachelor's program at TU/e, you will receive a binding recommendation on the continuation of studies (bsa). With the bsa, we indicate whether there is a good match between you and your program and whether we consider you capable of successfully completing your studies within a reasonable period of time. In the first year of your bachelor's program, you must obtain at least 45 of the 60 credits. For some programs you must have obtained a certain amount of credits from specific courses. You can find out whether this also applies to your program in the Program and Examination Regulations (PER). The bsa is determined by the examination committee of your program.

If you obtain 45 or more credits and meet potential additional requirements (a certain number of credits from specific courses), you will receive a positive recommendation on continuation of studies. We then assume that under normal circumstances you will be able to successfully complete your program within a reasonable period of time. If you earn less than 45 credits or do not meet the additional requirements, you will receive a negative bsa. In this case, you will not be able to enroll in the same program for the next three years.


The academic year has four quartiles. After Q2 you will receive a pre-recommendation, a preliminary study advice. This recommendation is not binding, but gives a confirmation of study success or a first warning in case of insufficient study progress.

Study delay due to extenuating personal circumstances

Are you experiencing study delays due to extenuating personal circumstances? Please contact your academic advisor within 20 working days after the start of these circumstances. Someone may also contact the academic advisor on your behalf. An examination committee can only take your personal circumstances into account when issuing the bsa if you meet the following requirements: your personal circumstances have been timely reported to the academic advisor; after a referral you have made an appointment with the student counsellor on time; you have submitted a request for postponement of the bsa to the examination committee, and you have submitted documentary evidence of your circumstances to the Central Committee on Extenuating Personal Circumstances.

Bsa and coronavirus

For the academic year 2022/2023, the normal regulations apply for now. Hence, no adjustments have been made to regulations regarding bsa due to the coronavirus.