Complaints and disputes

If you’re dissatisfied about, or don’t agree with a certain decision, you could file a complaint. For doing so, go to ESA’s desk, but you can also file a written or digital complaint. ESA assesses if it can be perceived as a complaint, appeal or objection. 

Firstly, reach out for informal contact

Before you follow the formal route, first see if you can get in touch with the institution or person that you want to file a complaint against, or want to appeal to or object to. A solution is usually found through informal ways. Do you hesitate? You can always ask your study advisor for help. 

The procedure

Haven’t found a solution? Then you can formally file a complaint or appeal at ESA. You’ll get a releasement confirmation and your complaint or appeal will be forwarded to the right institution that will take it into consideration. Think of the department board, the Examination Appeals Board, or the Executive Board. 

ESA carefully keeps an eye on the settlement of your complaint or appeal and whether this takes place in the valid term. 

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