Engineering Design

Engineering Design

The ability to design a new product is regarded a core competence of any engineer. In the course Engineering Design you will go through a complete design process, from the first idea to the realization of the product. You will learn how to divide the design process in consecutive steps. And how to finish the product in a limited amount of time, using the strengths of your team members. This team will produce a fully functional prototype that will be presented to a jury.

General learning goals

  • set up design goals, 
  • define functional and technical specifications 
  • execute a generic design process 
  • handle external and internal constraints 
  • manage time

Working in an interdisciplinary team

In this course you will become a member of a small design team of students enrolled in different majors. Every member is challenged to make a complementary contribution to a successful project.


70% of the final grade is based on the quality of the group work (40% for the report , 30% for the presentation of the prototype). Your individual contribution to the group work counts for 30% towards the final grade.

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