Bachelor final project

Bachelor final project

The Bachelor's final project (BEP) serves as an aptitude test and a final thesis for the Bachelor of Science program. During execution the learning outcomes of the TU/e Bachelor’s program in Chemical Engineering will be assessed, including competencies regarding professional skills and research skills.

The Bachelor's final project has two variants with two separate course codes: 6S1X0 and 6S2X0. Variant 6S1X0 is the standard one with a size of 10 credits and is implemented within the major program of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry. Variant 6S2X0 is the external variant with a size of 15 credits: 10 credits within the major and 5 credits from the electives. This variant is carried out at a partner institution in the Netherlands or abroad under the responsibility of a (assistant, associate) professor of the Chemical Engineering department. More information about going abroad can be found on the education guide.
A special variant of the BEP, which is also counted as the external final project (6S2X0), is the ISBEP, the bachelor's final project carried at the Innovation Space.

Information about (IS)BEP can be found in CANVAS in the form of a WIKI, under course codes 6S1X0 and 6S2X0. After registering via OSIRIS you can consult the page in CANVAS. Nominally studying students can start the BEP in Q3 or Q4. Students who take a little longer to complete their studies can start the BEP every quartile. You can therefore register for the BEP for every quartile in OSIRIS. Bear in mind the ISBEP has its own application procedure and deadlines and that the ISBEP starts in Q1 or Q3 and spans over two quartiles.

When planning your Bachelor's final project read the information and schedule in CANVAS carefully. You must meet the conditions which were set to start the project and submit the "BEP start form" to the student administration office before you can start the BEP. This is applicable for all forms of the BEP.

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