Approval of program of examinations

A program of examinations (study program) is a coherent set of study components that comprises a student's degree program. Students must choose the specialized study components and free elective study components at Master’s level available in the Curriculum. The specialized elective study components are only added to the program of examinations after receiving advice from the track mentor, to ensure that sufficient coherence is achieved. 

Students are strongly recommended to submit their program of examinations no later than six months after the start of their Master’s program, including the advice issued by the track mentor, to the EC AI&ES for approval.
The students should submit the  Program of examinations (study program) AI&ES form, which can be found in the Forms section, via Osiris Case in a pdf-format only. The form should be signed by the student and the track mentor.

In the situation that a student reconsiders the initial choices indicated in the program of examinations, a changed program of examinations must be submitted via Osiris Case using the form - Changed program of examinations (study program) AI&ES form, available in the Forms section. 

IMPORTANT: The (dis)approval of your program of examinations occurs separately from registering for and taking courses/exams.